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Coyote Dirt Works LLC



Here is a picture of a job where the owner wanted to clear out his cedar trees to open up his beautiful oaks and extend his hay field for grazing. In the process, I pushed over and dug out all the cedar and under brush. I, also, was able to burn everything on site so that the bundles were not left scattered over the property!

On this job, the owner wanted a reserve tank for his livestock. I dug out a core, built up a levy, and created a spillway to prevent the dam from blowing out. In addition to this, I can bring in caliche material or clay to run in and line the tank to help seal it from leaking. Some customers have also gone with a liner itself. Any option is available so we can insure the best product for our clients!  


This property needed some repair and new construction for their ranch road. Here I flagged the path of least resistance to allow for small cars to have a smooth road and for trucks and trailers to be able to access the ranch with ease. Between the clearing and excavation, I was able to soften up the hill and cut ditches to allow for proper drainage.

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